February Heatwave, Northern Michigan Edition

This winter has been one for the books. It started out brutal; getting pounded with lake effect snow, below freezing days, and tremendous winds. This is nothing new for the northern Michigan folks though. Its something most of us look forward to; A change and time for snowshoeing, skiing, fat tire biking and so many other winter outdoor activities. Not too long after the new year rang in,the typical winter weather we are use to changed. HEATWAVE! Temperatures reaching the high 50’s and even into the 60’s (you can say goodbye to all the snow we had.) Not that I am complaining! Don’t get me wrong, I love winter…but if it could only be 2-3 months instead of 5 I would be content. The change in outdoor activities changed just as fast as the winter did. People are out running, biking, and even paddle boarding.  I know I’m trying to take full advantage of this warm weather because it could switch back overnight again. This is why I love living in Northern Michigan, as it is always so unpredictable making for spontaneous adventures! Here are some pictures from our weekend living up the February Heatwave! fullsizerender-2





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